Folding bellow for universal joints bracket version

Single bellows are protective bellows for universal joints which essentially perform an angular movement. The axial motion is restricted.

They prevent the escape of lubricant on universal joints or universal drive shafts and protect them from contamination. Single bellows are used when a short stroke or a small angle is to be sealed.


table_folding_bellows_simrittemperature range: from -30°C to + 100°C



NBR 670, ca. 45 Shore A
Temperature resistance between -30° and +100°C
Good oil and grease resistance

The moveable part of the bellows must not come into contact with the sharp edges of the universal joint or surrounding machinery parts.

As a result of the natural loss in elastic tension of stretched rubber, hose clips or cable ties or similar should be used to provide additional fastening of the bellows on the universal joint.

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