Plastic universal joints

BÜCO Plastic universal joints were designed for the food industry.
All the parts are made of food grade components, and at the same time the bearings were improved (plain bearings with dry running).

No “seizing” can take place here. The light weight also makes plastic universal joints suitable for lightweight constructions.

Characteristics of plastic universal joints

  • Complete joint made of food grade components
  • Therefore direct contact with food is possible
  • Good resistance to cleaners and disinfectants (water vapour)
  • Running off liquids made possible (for example after cleaning)
  • Maintenance free bearing points (stainless steel/plastic)
  • Low weight due to plastic fork body
  • Low abrasion due to self-lubrication of the plastic (abrasion non-toxic)
  • Low rotational backlash
  • Galvanic separation of the shaft ends (electrical insulation by the plastic)
  • The universal joint has damping characteristics due to the plastic fork body
  • Short duration overloads are possible (impacts/emergency stops)
  • Static breaking torque >> rated torque
  • Shaft connection according to customer request

We are happy to be at your disposal when you choose your universal joint.
Plastic universal joints are available from an outside diameter Ø20 mm.


Stainless steel  1.4305
plastic  POM-C