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Hans Bühler & Co. – Since 1905 till today

  1. 1905: Founded in Esslingen
    Dipl.-Ing. Hans Bühler foundet the company in Esslingen on the Neckar. Under the trade mark “BÜCO”, he, an ingenious Swabian mind, introduced such high-quality products as precision jointed drives, lathes for mechanists, high-performance quick-action clamping devices and mechanic jaw vices – being convinced that only high-quality products and their further technical development are able to stand the test of time.
  2. 1937: Kurt Giesler buys company
    Hans Bühler & Co - Firmengebäude 1937

    Company building 1937

    Kurt Giesler bought the company and transferred it two years later to Wernau on the Neckar. There he was able to expand the company, which had become necessary due to the increasing domestic and foreign demand.

  3. 1937: Transfer to Wernau
  4. 1943: Death of Kurt Giesler

    Mr. Giesler was killed in action. In his will, he declared that the company business be conducted as hitherto with the exception that it be changed to a foundation to the credit of the employees and to guarantee their further training.

    In accordance with the objectives of the foundation, ie. to ensure the continued existence of the company, a reliable, trustworthy, performance-oriented work force could be organized ? characterized by know-how and experience.


  5. 1950/52: Change to Foundation
  6. 1980: New production facilities
    Hans Bühler & Co - Neues Firmengebäude 1980

    New company building 1980

    Ultimately, on the basis of this policy, the company moved for the second time to the outskirts of Wernau. New production facilities equipped with modern manufacturing and handling technology were erected on an area comprising 5.200 m², thus meeting the demand for the development of state-of-the-art technology along with fulfilling the need for expanding the company facilities.

    The product line was subjected to constant modification due to permanently changing markets. Yet the company?s traditional product range of drive elements: precision universal joints, jointed drives and accessories, is continuously being developed further. With the logo


    it has managed to prevail on the market due to the outstanding quality and precision of its products, both in Europe as well as overseas.

  7. 1990: Well-equipped for the future
    Under these conditions, on the solid basis of the confidence placed in us by our customers and personnel, our company is well-equipped to meet the decades ahead.